Welcome to American Ed!

Welcome to American Ed! American Ed is dedicated to helping users across the United States the ability to find and purchase products that are Made in the USA. ( Made in America ). With such a high percentage of products in the United States being made oversees in countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Philippines and many others it becomes a very time consuming task for patriotic Americans the ability to easily find products made in their own home country. Its clear that the demand for such a service that allows this to be easily done exists. That is wear American Ed comes in. Our goal is to provide a platform that allows users to easily find a American made products with our comprehensive database. We encourage both small and large American manufactures to add their products to our database so that users do not have to spend hours on ecommerce websites trying to seek out the products they want. Essentially we take the legwork out of finding American made products for users. You can browse or search our database and sort information by particular store and this will allow you to locate and purchase American made products much quicker than was previously possible.

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